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Healthcare Application Scenario

At hospitals, retirement houses, and clinics, the united communication system including SIP Intercom and SIP Phone can provide the best and secure service to the patients and let the employees work efficiently. 
Visitor Management

SIP intercoms are deployed at the entrance of a hospital building. Facility staff can communicate with patients and visitors remotely from reception and intake desks, limiting the need for face-to-face communication during the prescreening process.

Patients Monitoring

SIP Intercom can do audio monitoring of the patient, so that nurse can maintain communication with patient at anytime. The patient can also call to nurse or doctor as quick as he/she can if there is any emergency issue.

Control Access to Restricted Areas

The SIP Intercoms installed near the doors that allows to enter into the restricted areas such as the intensive care, the neonatal ward or the delivery room. Sensitive areas such as cleanrooms and isolation rooms can be monitored and restricted via intercom stations to ensure that only those authorized to enter have access.

Efficient Communication 

The SIP Intercoms that allow to communicate between different areas and offices in order to reduce the traffic of people between them and improve the efficiency.

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