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Parking Lot Application Scenario

In a parking lot, you may face some emergency events such as vehicle scratches, parking space occupied, and the barrier cannot be opened. Therefore, the one-click emergency intercom system is still a necessary system when you seek for help. It is more important in unattened smart parking lot.

sofeno sip intercom
Barrier Gate

When the barrier cannot be opened, driver can contact the management office through SIP intercom. The staff can remotely confirm the identity of the driver and open the barrier. 

sofeno sip intercom
Emergency Help

SIP Intercoms throughout the parking lot allow you to contact staff quickly when you need emergency help. Max.3 buttons can connect 3 different operators, even if one of the operators is busy, you can also get the fastest assistance through the remaining lines.

sofeno sip intercom
 Ticket Vending Equipment

In case of you have question to the parking charge or the ticket vending machine does not work, Sofeno SIP Intercoms are standing by to provide a reliable and quick connection to the management center.

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