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SoundSpeak 100

Sofeno's SoundSpeak 100 is a bluetooth speakerphone which designed for the audio/video conference. SoundSpeak 100 is engineered to power your conversation with seamless, premium audio. Thanks to the full duplex technology, so calls sound their
best as both sides of the conversation are transmitted at the same time.

The SoundSpeak 100 is designed with 6 MEMS directional micrphone arrays positioned around the base, which pick up voice from any directions in 360 degrees. So participants no need to huddle round the speakerphone while speaking, enable them to converse naturally in an immersive, comfortable setting.

Ideal choice for

Suggested Max. users

Work from home


Personal office

Huddle & Small room


Quick Summary

  • Built-in 6 beamforming EMES directional microphones

  • 5 control buttons


  • 360° circle status indicator

  • Full duplex audio

  • USB/Bluetooth connections

  • Talk and music play

sofeno soundspeak 100 speakerphone
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