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Studio Pro

Need to start a professional video talk/training quickly on one device? Sofeno Studio Pro is the correct choice absolutely. 4 Megapixel full HD camera presents every details crystal clear including people and background.

Studio Pro features 4 microphone arrays, it  provides the clear voice capture even in noisy environment and ensure your great idea will be heard 100%.

Automatic camera framing ensure you and your team members always seen and move free.

Ideal choice for

Suggested Max. users

Work from home

Personal office

Huddle & Small room

Training room

Remote education room

Quick Summary

  • All-in-one design

  • 4 Megapixel FHD camera

  • 2K ePTZ , Sony sensor

  • 4 Microphone arrays

  • Vocal optimized speaker

  • Auto framing

  • Inverted voice hole design

  • USB Plug and Play


sofeno studio pro video bar
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