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Studio 4K

Sofeno Studio 4K is the premium USB All-In-One video bar designed for the personal and small team users using on their Win/Mac PC. It integrated the 4K Ultra HD camera, noise cancelling microphone and HD speaker. Thanks to the DSP chipset and advanced voice algorithm , Studio 4K delivering the professional conference experience and efficient communication.


Excellent high-performance 4K image sensor bring you and your great idea to other attendees without distortion. 

Ideal choice for

Suggested Max. users

Work from home

Personal office

Huddle and small room

Quick Summary

  • All-in-one design

  • 4K UHD camera 

  • Noise cancellation microphone 

  • Vocal optimized speaker 

  • Inverted voice hole design

  • USB Plug and Play


sofeno studio 4k webcam
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