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USB Video Bar

The Sofeno conference video bar series is a one-stop video conferencing equipment specially designed for small to medium-sized conference rooms. The product integrates a camera, speaker and microphone, and a high-quality video conference can be started immediately without too much hardware investment. Compared with personal devices, this series provides more professional hardware and software to meet the needs from conference rooms. More microphones and high-power speakers, whether it is an intense discussion or feedback from any corner, can be accurately and clearly conveyed to other conference participants.

VCS300 built-in Android system, so no need the additional PC for a meeting, is a truly all-in-one device.  Not only saves space, but also greatly improves efficiency. You don’t need to shut it down,  and can start a meetings in 10 seconds at any time.VCB500 integrates 5 beamforming microphone array and a 20W high-power speaker, so that it can be used in any noisy environment and maintain excellent conference effects.

Video bar.png
sofeno vcs300 video bar


sofeno vcb500 video bar


Conference Video Bar

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